Selfless Giving Beyond Limits

Introduced to LB by a former colleague, Marilyn Choo, first joined the organisation as a English-speaking volunteer to assist seniors with letter reading. For almost two decades now, Marilyn has been visiting the seniors living in Aljunied, diligently spending weekends and evenings with the residents residing in one-room rental units.

Journing through Depression

Mdm Lee Moy Yin spent five years caring for her husband after he fell ill in 2013. The sole caregiving responsibility weighed heavily on her shoulders and consequently, she fell into depression and struggled to carry out her duties daily.After the passing of her husband in 2018, Moy Yin’s depression worsened and she felt void in her life.

Walking the Talk

Two of LB’s befrienders, Linda and Lay Guat were introduced to the late Mdm Thong in March 2012. Their regular home visits and constant outpouring of love and concern towards Mdm Thong broke the ice and a solid Befriender-Befriendee relationship soon began to take root.

Strengthened to do Good

Unlike her peers, Zuraidah left school at 13 to support her family by working in a confectionery. As a teen, she had to grow up fast and learn to survive the working life alone. Albeit tough, she persevered through the different jobs in the years that follow in order to make ends meet.

I’m No Longer Afraid

Despite growing up in a huge family, Siew Kee lacked the essential family support and often felt disconnected from her parents and siblings. This contributed to her timid nature that struggles to open up to people around her.

Connecting with Seniors through Art

“They are very accepting of me even though I am not a part of them. It is such a nice community.” Michelle, a student volunteer from Clementi SAC @ 366, shared smilingly as she recounted her volunteering journey in Lions Befrienders.

Finding Purpose Through Giving

Uncle George, in his seventies now, is always sharing his life stories or bringing laughter to the room with his quirky and effervescent personality. On top of visiting Bendemeer SAC, it is part of his daily routine to head down to his garden to check on the plants and flowers.

You CAN Make a Difference too

“Zhi Ling is very, very good,” Mr Goh exclaims repeatedly, while gesturing fervently towards the young woman seated opposite him. He peppers his sentences with earnest nods, making his conviction evident.

Spreading Cheer after 30 Years

“EACH TIME I visit the seniors and see how peaceful and contented they live, I feel humbled,” says Mr Soh Swee Kiat, himself already 68 and having spent three decades as a befriender.